Where should I get married? Ideas that work!

Types of wedding venues to consider when looking for the perfect ceremony location

There are so many options when choosing your wedding venue that you can easily get frustrated and confused. Today Terrace Events, of Las Vegas, NV, hopes to help you make your choice by listing a few of the most common options along with the advantages and drawbacks of renting them.

1. Wedding CeremonyRestaurants – They are the most traditional choice and will typically accommodate a smaller guest list than open spaces, but if the food is the most important factor in your celebration, then this might be ideal option for you.
2. Banquet Halls – Most of them have a staff of professionals to help you plan the wedding ceremony or you can decorate the space yourself, which is ideal for brides, who are creative and enthusiastic about organizing the entire event themselves. There are a bit expensive to book, however, and may not fit any budget.
3. Hotels – They can give any wedding a touch of elegance and convenience at the same time. Organizing a celebration in a hotel is a very practical solution for those of you who plan to invite many guests who are not local and will need a place to stay after the celebration.
4. Gardens – They are ideal for evening summer weddings, especially if they are in full bloom. Then you can even save some money on decoration and flowers. Wrought iron furniture, rustic containers for your flower table centerpieces, and other theme related elements can fit the setting well. The only thing you should consider though is that your guests may need a lot of sunscreen, if no shade is provided or an insect repellent to protect themselves from uninvited guests.
5. Vineyards – They are amongst the most romantic and picturesque wedding venues. There you can arrange a wine tasting of local blends as a part of your celebration to keep your guests entertained between the official wedding ceremony and the reception. This can be a quite costly experience, so you must calculate your budget well before investing in booking such a wedding venue. However, you will really feel special on your special day if you do so!