Looking for Something Different for Your Wedding?

What Are the Different Wedding Ceremony Customs around the World?

If you are under the impression that a traditional white dress and sumptuous party are the standard wedding worldwide, you are in for a big shock. Wedding customs differ enormously across the world, and what we think of as standard can be highly unusual somewhere else. Below are just a few examples of unusual wedding ceremony traditions spanning the globe.

Bride and groom on bike

Chinese wedding customs go back thousands of years. While other regions in Asia have partaken of Western influence, China has remained true to their traditions and still adhere to some strict traditions and etiquette. The marriage proposal by itself is a huge affair, and it is sometimes performed in writing. There is an old tradition of creating the marriage bed  before the ceremony. The bed will be placed in a certain position chosen men and woman, preferably ones who have children already as it is a good omen for a new couple.

Weddings in India are more closely adhered to. The formal engagement will be finalized by the parents who also take an important role of the actual wedding ceremony. The bride and groom will exchange wedding bands long before the wedding actually happens. Other traditions are painting their hands and feet using henna, and a  religious ceremony will be held the night before the wedding, which a stalk is installed in a garden as a celebration of the new couple.

EuropeWedding customs across Europe include people wearing green the day before a wedding, this signals good luck in Italy. the soon to be bride and groom drive around town in Scotland, long meals last until the next day in Portugal, garlands and baskets of flowers are delivered to the bride and groom before their ceremony in the Netherlands. Bridal showers first started within the Netherlands, and are still to this day, one of the most respected traditions still practised.

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