Never Been to a Wedding Before and Not Sure What Is Appropriate

Suitable Clothing for a Wedding Venue

The era of morning church weddings, followed by the breakfast have long gone. That means the clothes that people wear to a wedding venue have changed too. Wedding clothes can be formal black tie affairs or more casual. All depending on the wedding itself.

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular, which means guests attending are able to wear basically what they want. Another rule of thumb with what to wear is how  formal the wedding is, this also includes the time and place in which it is set. An evening wedding, done in a church or other similar formal wedding venue means suit and ties for the men, and cocktail dresses for the women. If children are coming as well, they should wear their best clothes, depending on what season it is. Sometimes, the wedding invitations will inform guests how to dress for a wedding, stating that it is a black tie affair or a casual one. For a sit down wedding dinner in the reception, dressier is normally a better choice.

Wedding venue

Afternoon weddings are normally a more semi formal affair. That means that the groom and his attendants are going to be wearing tuxedos, and the bridesmaids will be dressed in full length dresses. When deciding what to wear to this kind of wedding, most will think Sunday best clothes. Men need to wear jackets and ties, as suits maybe optional, and ladies need to wear nice dresses, the same as what they would wear to the bridal luncheon. Women can wear also a formal pantsuit. Exterior weddings will need something not so formal, like a nice blouse and skirt, along with low heeled shoes for the ladies. What season it is will also come into play when choosing what to wear to a wedding. Naturally, light weight materials are more suited in the spring and summer, while heavier fabrics and darker colors will be better for autumn and winter weddings.

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