10 Unusual Ideas Which Will Make Your Wedding Reception Unique

Follow our Tips if You Want To Decorate Your Wedding Restaurant

Receptions are usually very predictable – white tablecloths, candles and champagne! If you, however, want to make your special day unique, you will find our wedding reception ideas extremely useful!

  1. Movie theme – If you are looking for Hollywood glamor, you can have it on your special day. You will need walk of fame stars with the name of each guest, placed on the tables, a lot of feather scarfs for a table centerpiece and a popcorn machine at the entrance. Simple but impressive, isn’t it?
  2. Theme park decor – If you still carry the child in you and you want to show to your guests they can have fun at a reception, you can set a mini theme park at the restaurant you have chosen. All you’re going to need is a cotton candy station, a caramel apple station, and an ice pop station. Everyone loves candies, so your idea will be a huge success!
  3. Mexican style – If you want to organize a colorful wedding reception, do it Mexican style. Install a large animal-shaped pinata, filled up with candies in the children’s corner, decorate the setting with light bulbs in various colors, and last but not least make sure to add a taco station to your wedding buffet.
  4. Eco wedding – if you want the setting to look more natural, organize the ceremony and the reception at a golf course. Add a fruit and vegetable food station plush a bar for fresh squeezed juice in order to impress all of your guests.
  5. Open air party – If you decide to organize your wedding outdoors it will be a smart idea to set tented food stations, so your guests can walk around and pick their own dish.
  6. Cowboy style – An old-fashioned food truck and cowboy hats is all you’re going to need, if you plan to organize a wedding at a farm.
  7. Venetian masquerade  – If you are a fan of luxury items, this idea will suit you best. Just imagine: ostrich feather centerpieces, glittering masks and spectacular fireworks at the end of the evening when people will have to take off their masks. It sounds like a dream come true!
  8. Beach party – It has to be white and it has to be organized in the evening. There is no better view than people having dinner over candlelight at sunset. Flowers should be everywhere, of course!
  9. Paper lantern wedding – Except for decoration, you can also purchase flying sky lanterns for all of your guests. Ask everyone to light them up when the night falls and you will have a spectacular view to remember for the rest of your life.
  10. Bicycle themed wedding – If the bride and the groom arrive with a double bicycle this will definitely be a picture which all of the guests will never forget.

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